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Art Beat (Aka Pulse!) by Lodidah
Art Beat (Aka Pulse!)
My FOR REAL ponysona. The last one I made I wasn't happy with.
I'm really happy with this one!

Her name is artbeat (Like heartbeat if you didn't get it)
She is an earth pony artist (woah) She doesn't like her steriotypical artist cutie mark
and prefers the name pulse. She travels around creating anything really, clothes, drawings, sculptures.
Her cutie mark represents not art being her life, but art itself creating life and vibrance.
Guys I have to say this things is great for getting a general concept of your pony:…
Mine started out way different than this. Just brown and blue with soarin hair.
Don't stop at pony generators guys. Once you make your sona on one, make it your own.  
Adopt by Lodidah
Taking offers on this thing I doodled up! I'll take points,Character, and money! 
Happy birthday! by Lodidah
Happy birthday!
For :iconkemikel: 
I don't know you that well at all but I admire your creativity and unique style! 
So here is a token of my appreciation! Happy birthday! 


Lodidah's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
This is an account I made because I wanted to sell adoptables and art!
My old account: :icondrstitches:
Some stamps about me:
Furry Pride STAMP by Puff-DahhStamp- Fursuiter by ChaosKomoriI Prefer FurAffinity Stamp by mistystrikerArtisan Crafts Stamp II by I-magineMeat stamp by KaiodaDragonlove Creepy pasta stamp by D3lDARA-ResourcesMLP Rainbow Dash Stamp 3 by KevfinMLP Rainbow Dash Stamp 4 by KevfinHorror Stamp by sequelleGore by QuidxProxQuoMasochist Stamp by black-roses-fallingGot Pride? by Makki12Sewing stamp by itsevaArtists Make the Best Pirates by MademoiselleGriefI love skulls stamp by Lupen202Monster Stamp by themaskedcrusaderStarbucks by angelslainSushi Stamp by FluffntuffI Love Rainbows Stamp by ClefairyKidRespect and Tolerance by ChrysalisloverWriter by Shadowed-MidnightBaking is Fun by pipermydogviolent art stamp by thechaosproject

GIRLFRIEND: Accepting applications. hueh.
 FURSUIT General

1.If I feel that I cannot complete a commission based on the given specifications, I will discuss alternate designs with the buyer. This may result in a change in the
quoted price. I will only make these changes if agreed upon by the buyer. If no agreement can be reached I will ship what has been completed and give a partial refund.

2.If you cannot pay in full by the payment date, or cannot complete payment at all, I will ship the equivalent of what has been paid for and the rest will be
manipulated (so as not to reproduce your character) and auctioned off.

3. I reserve the right to move payment, delivery and finishing date (of a fur suit or parts) if one was previously given. Such changes will only take place under
extreme circumstances,my goal is to deliver all commissions on time.

4. If you are unable to meet the standard payment plan, please E-mail me at Lodidahfursuits[at] and I will determine if alternate arrangements are possible.

5.If you live outside of the US you must tell me when you request a quote. Please provide a full address so I can accurately determine shipping costs and customs

6.I Have the right to refuse any commission. = Also quotes last for 1 month! if you do not commission me within a month of a quote the quote is void and you will have to geta new one!

7. If you are not satisfied with your purchase then a refund of 60% will be given 40% will be kept to make up for the materials used and time put into the commission. I will not alter a suit if you choose to get a refund then want your suit again. There will be no refunding if you've had your suit over a month and want to return it.

8.These terms are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. The terms of service that are in effect at the time a commission is made will apply.

(Any unauthorized alterations that is not made by lodi dah voids the warranty)

9. pre-made non-custom fur suits and pieces are non-refundable. Unless there is a legitimate problem with the piece.

10. I am not responsible for you losing your order in the mail but I will work my hardest to help you get your commission. (I have never had a miss sent or lost package.)

11. I will not ship out your suit until it has been paid off, if the commissioner want a certain part shipped out that has already been paid off under certain circumstances it will be shipped out upon request.[/color]


If your fur suit rips from normal wear and tear, send it back (buyer pays shipping) and I will fix it up for free. Unless it is an expensive piece of equipment, I will

-Ripped stitches
-Re-airbrushing (Simple designs) on your fur suit
-Broken elastic (On tail)
-Ripped or broken eyes (Toony only)
-Broken claws (No more than two)
-If you can fix the project yourself with my materials I will mail them to the you, buyer pays shipping.
-This is a 1 year warranty.
{note: warranty does not apply to tails won in raffles, non-commissioned, or free items and will only last for so many repairs}

Payment plans

Orders under $35 must be paid in full at the time of the order.
Orders over $35 dollars may be paid using the following payment schedules:
30% down payment at the time of the order.
35% due seven days after placement of the order.
Final 35% due 14 days after order.


30% down payment at the time of the order.
25% due seven days after the order.
25% due 14 days after the order
the final 20% due 21 days after the order.[/color]

I'm going to keep this simple!
1. I have the right to refuse a commission and/or refund a commission while in the process of doing it If I feel I cannot meet the standard
2. Commissions are not done in order, rush orders are first (Ask about those)
3. If you are not satisfied with a commission and want a refund:
Before I've started-100% refund
When the sketch is done-30% will be refunded
When the Line art is done-No refund.
When it is finished-No Refund.
4. Your drawing will not be started until payment is received, No IOU's.
5. Please, don't ask me to do things on my DON'T DO list.
6. After you receive your commission you are allowed to re upload it but NOT tamper with it! (Ask me if you want to do something to it!)
7. I retain the copyright to the art even if it contains you're characters/Fan art characters. PLEASE! Ask me before using it for anything besides it's intended purpose of viewing leisure. (I.E. Printing, adding details, reselling copies,ect)
8. These terms are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. The terms of service that are in effect at the time a commission is made will apply.

+Trades are on the bottom of the list! they will be done after commissions or in the order  I feel like doing them!
+If a trade takes more than 3 months, I will cancel. No offense I know trades are suppose to be in spare time but that's a load of time.
+If you have any minor problems with a trade I will fix it, unless there is a problem with the reference given to me(Ie color change, different pattern, ect)
+Like all the other TOS they are subject to change without prior notice~

Yup, I have one of these on here. Here they are:
> No holds...ever.
>Some auctions have reserves, I may or may not post that they do!
> NO designs changes may be made by anyone but the original artist!
> You may not resell without asking me first!
>You may only change the color or add accessories to closed species. If they are a closed species +CS+ will be in the title!
>NO REFUNDS! = Simply put, one can just save the file on their computer and claim they deleted it.
> Closed species can not be bred nor can you draw another one once you buy one from me, you just have that one!
> No making adopts siblings/copies without consent.
>TOS subject to change without prior notice,(please put I♥RD in any adopt comments so I know you read the rules) TOS in effect when an adopt is bought is the TOS that Buyer follows!

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Headshot practice by Lodidah
A flat colored picture of your character on a 800x800 canvas! 


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